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        Our desktop wallpaper is a wide and varied collection of images that bring life to your PC while displaying your own individual style.  If you're tired of the plain assortment of standard Windowsimages, just pick from one of the many that we have and install it on your desktop free of charge.

      Most of our desktop wallpapers install without having to use the active desktop feature, but some do require that it be enabled to display correctly and will ask you to turn it on should you try to install one that requires it.  Just tell it yes and you are set to go.  The wallpapers that mainly require this feature are mainly in .jpeg format.  Standard .bmp picture formats do not require the Active Desktop Feature.

      Our backgrounds are not listed in any particular order nor have we categorized them.  They are displayed in a thumb-nailed preview format.  We have designed this page to help you in downloading and installing your desktop wallpaper as well as to assist in answering any questions that you may have.

          Additionally, our backgrounds are not in any particular order of resolution (or size).  Mainly, you will find either 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 sized images.  They can easily be modified to meet your particular needs with any graphics editing software such as JASC's Paintshop Pro or Adobe's Photoshop

How to Download and Install

          It is relatively simple to download and install our desktop images on your computer.  To download, simply click on the thumb-nailed image that you choose and another page will load showing the full-sized image.  Place your mouse pointer somewhere on the full-sized image and right-click.  From the drop down menu, select 'Set as Wallpaper' (or if you want to save it to your computer to another location to use later, select 'Save Picture As' and select an easy to remember location to place it so you can come back to it later. 

          Just be aware if you are a fan of desktop wallpaper images that they are often quite large in size; thus meaning that a large collection of them can take up hard-disk space.  Don't be alarmed and let this stop you from collecting, just be aware of the space that you have on your hard disk as with any file or software that you plan on downloading or installing.

           Additionally, we are including a neat little program that works with your desktop called GT Ripple. When activated, it runs in your computer's system tray. It produces a water-rippling effect on your desktop that mirrors your current desktop wallpaper selection.  You can control whether it runs when your system starts up or you can start it yourself at your leisure.  GT Ripple makes your current desktop look and feel like it is bordered at the bottom by water.  The rhythm and pattern of the waves can be controlled within the program.  You can click HERE to check out GT Ripple or visit their website to download your free copy.

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